Why isn’t my home selling?

You interviewed several agents and picked the perfect one. You have a gorgeous, professional “For Sale” sign in your yard. Your house is listed in the MLS and you’ve even had a few showings, but no offers. You thought you did everything you were supposed to do to get your home sold, so why isn’t it working? Here are some possible reasons your house isn’t getting offers.

  1. You stick around when buyers come to see your house. This is a big real estate no-no. Buyers don’t want to feel rushed, pressured or awkward during showings so do them, and yourself a favor, and leave. Take the dogs too! Nothing distracts a buyer like a constantly barking dog.
  2. You love your house way too much! We often get so attached to our homes that we see more value than there is. Emotional value is not a factor in the price of your home.
  3. It’s too expensive! If you are hoping to get a specific dollar amount for your home but your home isn’t worth that much OR the market won’t bear that price, you’re in for a big surprise if and when you do get an offer.
  4. It’s dirty. If you’re putting your home on the market, it’s a great idea to have it professionally cleaned. If you can’t afford to have it done from top to bottom, at least spring for the carpets, kitchen and bathrooms, and then do the rest yourself.
  5. Your MLS listing is incomplete. Make sure your agent includes all the special features that make your home stand out. It’s better to have more information than less.
  6. It’s too personal. You should start packing away personal items before you put your home on the market. This includes but is not limited to: family photos, kids’ art work, vacation fridge magnets, religious relics like crosses and paintings or anything that might make your potential buyers unable to see themselves in your home.
  7. It’s not staged. Staging doesn’t have to mean bringing in 10s of thousands of dollars of furniture. If your home is vacant, this kind of staging is great. If you’re still living in your home, your real estate professional can help you stage your existing furniture to highlight the special features in your home and allow buyers to really see themselves living there.
  8. It’s functionally obsolete. Did you add a garage to your home but the entry door goes into the master bedroom? Maybe you have a second story but no bathroom upstairs. This is functional obsolescence. Often times these issues can’t be corrected and can have a negative impact on your bottom line when you sell.
  9. There’s too much clutter. Put away all those knick knacks. Clear off kitchen counters as much as possible. More clutter in your house means more clutter in your buyers mind regarding your home.
  10. It’s not neutral. Bright red walls and custom wallpaper has its appeal, to you. While it seems like these cosmetic changes shouldn’t make a difference, they really do. When your wall coverings aren’t neutral, a buyer sees more work to do before or after move in plus additional expenses.
  11. It’s broken. If your home is in need of small repairs, you’ll have more luck with buyers by fixing them before you get to inspections.
  12. You didn’t find the right real estate professional. If your agent is uncommunicative, doesn’t follow through, misses appointments or give you a bad feeling, they’re probably not the right agent for you. You should interview at least 3-4 agents before making a decision and compare what they’re planning to do to get you to the closing table.

Longer days on market means lower sales price. It’s always best to make the above corrections before you list, so your home hits the market in its best condition for selling.

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