What is a Luxury Listing

Luxury Listings in the Houston Area

24807 Rock Hollow Ln.Many people talk about luxury homes, but how exactly can you tell what a luxury home is? What makes it a luxury listing? Is it the convenience of the area? The materials used in building the home? Its history? Its features? Here’s what makes a luxury home, luxury for Houston, Texas.

Price – Most of the time, what you will find is luxury houses are selling starting at about $500,000. This is usually the lower end of the spectrum, and many times, you will find prices in the millions.

History – Some of the time, you will find that luxury homes were built in Victorian times, making the homes unique in many ways. Many of the materials back in that time where hand carved and hand molded, and were made specifically with the owner in mind. Besides the age of the home, many older luxury homes also come with lots of customizations.

Area – Some homes are considered luxury because of their location; for the convenience of the area. Houses may be smaller, but you may be downtown, or where a shopping area is, or maybe you’re close to schools, or a local university.

Features – Outside of the previously mentioned points, there’s also features within the home that sets it apart from other homes. Many of these homes will come with a study, sitting rooms off master bedrooms, butler’s pantries and more. You might also find large, custom garages, gourmet kitchens with high-end appliances and tons of architectural details.

Local Amenities – Community pools, waterfront features, golf courses, tennis courts, country clubs and more add luxury to a neighborhood and zeros to the list price.

Here are some Houston Luxury Listings to get you started. The Chris Wylie Team can show you any of these listings. Give us a call and we’ll schedule a private tour.

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