Tips for Winterizing your Landscaping

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Tips for Winterizing your Landscaping

If your Houston yard took a beating this summer, we’d like to offer you these tips for winterizing your landscaping.  Especially if you have your home listed for sale, or are planning to soon, you’ll want to keep the curb appeal of your home in top condition.  We’re in for another crazy winter so get your yard ready with these tips.


Fertilizing -This simple process provides your grass and plants with vital nutrients and helps with recovery after a cold and dry winter.  After fertilizing, water immediately and thoroughly.

Watering – If your area is under water restrictions it can be difficult to keep your lawn looking nice when temperatures drop.  Deep watering can help water penetrate more efficiently in areas where you irrigate regularly.  This saves water and helps your lawn.  You can do this by briefly watering trouble areas just before the irrigation begins.

Weed Control – Stressed grass will be more vulnerable to weeds.  A pre emergent week killer is a great option to give your lawn the boost it needs to fight back.  Don’t like harsh chemicals?  There are even organic options available.


Are your trees looking stressed?  Brown or yellow leaves (not associated with Fall), scorch marks, or branches that appear dead, are all signs they struggled during the hot months.  Trees planted in appropriate climates and areas can generally withstand weather extremes but you can give me the upper hand by feeding them a good fertilizer.  Deep watering and feeding, through holes 8-10 inches into the soil, are best but don’t over feed or water as this can cause other problems.  Slow release fertilizers work great and encourages slower growth which is best for stressed trees.


Winter is not the best time for harsh pruning.  Instead, remove any dead stems and leave the rest to recover when spring arrives.  Slow release fertilizers and deep watering, as described above, are great ways to give them a leg up for winter.

If you’re planning to sell your home, having a well maintained yard is key to curb appeal and a higher final sales price.  Contact us today to find out what other things can help your listing stand out above the rest.


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