Pet Proofing your Yard

If you’re moving to a new home and you’ve got pets, making your yard safe for them should be top priority.  A pet, in an unfamiliar space, is more prone to try and escape.  Before leaving your pet alone in a new yard, follow these steps to ensure their safety.

  • Walk the perimeter of the yard and check the fence for places where your pet can escape.  Don’t forget to get down low so you can see things from your pet’s point of view.
  • Pick up debris, trash and loose materials from planter beds and the yard area.  Anxious or nervous pets are more likely to be destructive and might chew on things they shouldn’t.
  • Check the plants in the yard for toxins.  Some plants might be dangerous for pets and should be removed before your pet is allowed in the yard.
  • Spray your yard for pests like mosquitoes, spiders and fire ants.  Also, check your dog frequently for ticks and fleas and have a professional treat your yard if you find any.
  • Check your pet’s tags and make sure they’re on securely just in case they do get out and update your address with the local pet authority.
  • Ensure your dog has adequate water outside and never leave them out when it’s too hot.

Moving with a pet can be challenging.  If you follow these steps, you and Fido can enjoy your new home, together.


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