Market Changes are Hyper-local

Market Changes are Hyper-local

The news speaks of market recovery, improved sales and rising values. It is important to understand, the information you read in this reports represents a general overview of the nation’s real estate market as a whole as compared to that same national market in the recent past. These national reports do not account for the locality of real estate. Statistics can be vastly different from state to state, city to city and even within different communities.

If you are looking to sell your Houston home, the difference in numbers between neighborhoods can have a significant impact on the sales price of your home. If your real estate agent isn’t familiar with the community where your home is located, they may not be able to determine an accurate price. This can lead to money lost and more time on the market than is necessary.

A REALTOR® from The CHRIS WYLIE TEAM is trained to consider market statistics that are broad and also specific to your neighborhood. They look at several comparable and determine the value of your home based on many things. If you’re considering selling your Houston home, click here to find out your Home’s Value.

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