Listing Prep Tips That Won’t Break the Bank

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Listing Prep Tips That Won’t Break the Bank

In a competitive Home Market it is important to make your home stand out from the other homes for sale. A great way to ensure a sale is staging.  Making your home look appealing to potential buyers is key.

Here are three easy and inexpensive home staging tips from the pros:

  • Declutter – This could be the most important step to take and it’s completely free. Remember that you’re trying to sell your home and having too many personal items lying around can make it hard for a buyer to see themselves in your home.  Pack away kid’s artwork, family photos and all those vacation magnets on the fridge.  This simple step can easily clear the way for buyers to see the home in a way that will make them want to buy.
  • Clean – Another inexpensive option.  Everything in your listed home should be clean.  If buyers see dirt they may assume the house has not been cared for.  Buyers may also be distracted by a mess and not see the great features your house has to offer.  Grab that broom, pull down all those cobwebs from corners and dust those bookshelves!  A clean environment is key to a well staged house.
  • Curb appeal – If a buyer doesn’t like what they see outside they’ll never make it through the front door to see what’s inside.  If the yard is not well-maintained, buyers may assume the house wasn’t either.  Pull weeds, trim shrubs and re-paint the fence.  Spray off the front porch and door, wash screens and windows. Consider planting some colorful flowers that can be seen from the street to catch your buyer’s eye.   Getting buyers inside is the first step to selling your house.

These are just a few simple steps that can add value to your home and increase the likelihood of a sale.  For more tips from the real estate experts at The Chris Wylie Team, contact us today or if you’re in the Houston area stop in and say hello!


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