Landscaping To Keep The Burglars Away

Did you know there are ways you can landscape to discourage criminals from targeting your home?

Aside from getting an alarm system or a really big dog, these landscaping tips can help keep your family safe.

Protect your family with these easy steps:

  • All bushes and/or hedges should be kept trimmed at 3 feet or shorter. You do not want tall bushes to create a hiding spot for the burglars. According to police officers at Tulane University, a house surrounded by shrubs is an ideal target for criminals because they block the view from the street and neighboring homes.
  • Create a walk way that makes noise. Use something like gravel or pebbles; which can still make the house look nice. The loud noise will deter the criminal to another home.
  • Plant thorny bushes and vines below windows. These make it harder for the burglar to get inside without making a painful noise. Plants such as large succulents are a low maintenance option.
  • Make your home appear occupied even if you are away. Leave lights on, TV, radio and ask your neighbors to bring in your paper and pick up your mail.
  • Invest in outdoor lighting systems which can be found at your local home improvement store for as low as $35. Keep the dark corners of your house lit up. Motion detecting lights are especially helpful with letting you know if someone is creeping around outside.
  • Lastly, if these steps do not help prevent burglars, the most common thing you can do is invest in a home security system. If you cannot afford to do so, fake them out. Find a home security sign or sticker and place it prominently on your property. No one will know you don’t really have that system set up inside your home. The Washington Post says that homes without security systems are three times more likely to be broken into.

You can’t put a price on your family’s safety but these tips can help you protect them and save your wallet.


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