7 Best Remodeling Projects for the Money

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7 Best Remodeling Projects for the Money

Got some extra cash?  If you’ve considered making home improvements, we’ve got great news!  Experts say these projects will bring you the most return on your investment.

#7: Replace your garage door – Dollar for dollar, replacing your garage door brings a great return on your remodeling investment.  Experts say adding a four panel door with heavy-duty galvanized steel tracks not only boosts your home’s curb appeal but also brings nearly a 100% return.

#6: Replace your aluminum siding with manufactured stone veneer – This isn’t just a change to the look of your home, it also can last 25 years or more.  While it can be a costly upgrade, experts estimate you’ll get 90% or more return on your investment when you sell.

#5: Upgrade your entry door – Replace your old door with a manufactured steel door.  Security, longevity and a 91% ROI can be yours if you choose this upgrade.

#4: Make minor kitchen upgrades – Cabinet and drawer fronts can be replaced while keeping existing cabinet boxes.  Update/upgrade flooring and counters and consider changing out the wall coverings.  This upgrade can bring you and 81% return for your money.

#3: Change up the bathroom – Replace the tile surround, update the flooring and replace toilets with water efficient models. Replace fixtures with new ones and you could see an investment return of over 100%.

#2: Add some curb appeal with landscaping – Generally experts say you’ll get back 100% of the costs you put into upgraded landscaping.  Don’t forget to add some color and your curb appeal will be even better.

#1: Replace the windows – If you haven’t already, upgrade your windows to low-e windows.  This not only adds cost savings to your home but also gives you a nearly 90% return on investment.

If a home sale is in your future and you’re wondering where to start, contact The Chris Wylie Team today and we’ll let you know the best options for your home and your neighborhood.


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