5 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Getting Any Showings

Top 5 Reasons Your Listed Home Isn’t Getting Showings

5 reasons your home isn't getting showingsSo, you’ve recently (or not so recently) put your home on the market, but the amount of showings has been sparse. Here are 5 things to consider if your home isn’t getting the showings it deserves.

  1. Advertising – If your home is only listed on one or two sites, that could be a larger problem than you might think. There are dozens of sites in which you could post your home. In a case like this, social media could be your best friend. Chances are you don’t know anyone looking for a home, but a friend of a friend of a friend may think your home is the perfect fit!
  2. Photos – Have you ever seen those listings with a photo of the street view of a home, and then a screenshot of the map location? Most people probably won’t even take a second to look at the home if there aren’t plenty of photos.While there’s no need to take photos from every angle of a room, at least one shot of every room in the home and both the front and back yards would give potential viewers a feel for the space and layout of the home.
  3. Price – While you’re trying to get as much out of your home as possible, you have to consider how homes in the area are priced? If your house is on the low end of the spectrum, people will question the area, and the state the house is in. If it’s higher priced, but there’s nothing particularly special about your home (such as a pool, fireplace, finished basement or attic), people will more likely look to cheaper homes in the area.
  4. Timing – Assuming most parents don’t want to pull their kids out of school, spring tends to be the most popular time for people to buy homes. Also consider that people will most likely not try to move in the heat of the summer or the coldest part of winter. If the target viewers are without children, spring and fall will still be likely times for them to pick up and move.
  5. Location – If your home is too far from schools, or other conveniences, it’s likely people are looking closer to the busier areas where all the amenities are.

Don’t give up hope if you don’t have many showings right away. There’s a reason you purchased the home you did. It’s the right home for someone else, as well.

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